The "Anatolian Journal of Medicine" has been published

The "Anatolian Journal of Medicine", which will be published 3 times a year by the Department of Traditional,  Complementary and FunctiOnal Medicine Applications, has been published.

Anatolian Medicine Journal, which will cover traditional, complementary and integrative medicine issues, is a scientific international peer-reviewed journal.

Editor of the journal Prof. Dr. Ahmet TEKIN, Prof. Dr. Hanefi ÖZBEK and Prof. Dr. Made by Levent ÖZTÜRK and it started its publishing life with a rich editorial and advisory board.

You can reach the Anatolian Medicine Journal, which is published as an e-journal, at and send your publications through this address.
You can follow the latest developments of the journal on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.

İnstagram: @anadolutibbidergisi

Twitter: @Anadolutipdergi

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